BR 101 Enhancement / Expansion Pack – English


Introduction + Bug Fixes / Improvements

Hello 🙂 after a long wait, we are finally back with Alpha 2.0 full of new Features and Variants, so lets get right into it, As always if you don’t want to read the whole thing, find the tldr,(too long didn’t read) below, Let’s start with bug fixes and Improvements to the pack, After looking at 013-1 (IC Variant) I felt like it could be Improved so I remade the UV sketches for the Decals, which also fixes the Red Line under the DB logo at the Rear, and I replaced the DB logo in the Decals for a “bolder” more clear look, this logo has been implemented into 013-1 (IC Variant) and 063-6 (100 Jahre Bauhaus) other than that all of the Decal collisions haven been disabled in the IC Coaches so nothing weird should happen there again. 

So whats new? 

Alpha 2.0 comes with 4 New Variants, again from different time zones, 101 013-1 (Documenta), 101 063-6 (100 Jahre Bauhaus), 101 115-4 (Bahn Bonus) and 101 083-4 (Ice Age) all locos have been made with a lot of detail, please note that because I don”t have the correct font the new Locos all work with the Random Numbering system made by DTG, I have been offered help and received a texture with all the correct numbering but that will come in a future update, All the new Locos have got the Formations and the Coffee Cup and has the same probability to spawn in the new Random System (more on that below), As well as the Locomotives the IC Coaches have also gotten a new Update, the random system of the IC Coaches has now also been remade and now Includes a Coach with a Blue IC Coach Inspired by the Berlin – Warschau Express, which spawns very rarely with a probability of 0.2, if you do not want the Blue Striped Coach then Install the No Graffiti Version.


As you might know, I am a massive Scenario Planner fan, yet I feel like Vanilla Formations are always very limited, so I took it apon myself to create over 100 new formations (Including Freight) for the BR 101 in Alpha 1.0, with Alpha 2.0 you receive over 100 New Formations over the Formations in Alpha 1.0, Including EC Formations, that currently don’t work seeing they are part of the upcoming ÖBB Pack, so you will need that when it releases to be able to load these formations. As with last time if there are more formations you would like to see feel free to send me a DM on discord 🙂

Random Variant and Subsitution System

When I released the first Version of the BR 101 Enhancement Pack I introduced the first Random System to pick a Variant at Random when you don’t really know what you want to drive, I must say the system worked quite well, but there were a lot of bugs, Wrong Decals were spawning and The blueprint was getting quite messy to work with, so I decided to completely rewrite the Script ofcourse Including the New Variants, now Every Variant spawns at the same probability, and after Spawning into a game over 10 times I can confirm you will Not Run into any Decal Mistake, Same applies to the Subsitution System, wich now work wonderfully across the Routes!


13/07 New Subsitution System

(ENG) You may have realised that when you Drive in timetables that the vanilla BR101 does not appear anymore and only Variants of the Pack appear if this is how you want it then ignore this update, if not then keep reading, I have created 2 new .pak files for the Vanilla 101 to also appear in the

timetable if you choose !FLBR101EnhancementPack0.7.pak then the Vanilla BR 101 will spawn in with a probability of 70% and if you choose !FLBR101EnhancementPack0.3.pak then the Vanilla BR 101 will appear with a probability of 30% , if you want this to work the same like the Subsitution System provided by DTG then choose !FLBR101EnhancementPack0.7.pak, Enjoy 🙂

(DEU) Ihr habt vielleicht bemerkt, dass wenn ihr in Fahrplänen fahrt, der Vanilla BR101 nicht mehr erscheint und nur Varianten des Packs erscheinen, wenn ihr es so haben wollt, dann ignoriert dieses Update, wenn nicht, dann lest weiter, ich habe 2 neue .pak Dateien erstellt, damit der Vanilla 101 auch im Fahrplan erscheint

Wenn du !FLBR101EnhancementPack0.7.pak wählst, dann wird der Vanilla BR 101 mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 70% spawnen und wenn du !FLBR101EnhancementPack0.3.pak wählst, dann wird der Vanilla BR 101 mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 30% erscheinen, wenn du willst, dass dies genauso funktioniert wie das Subsitution System von DTG, dann wähle !FLBR101EnhancementPack0.7.pak, Viel Spaß 🙂

with Alpha 2.0 This Pack will also receive an optional Extension .pak file which replaces the BR103 and Red IC Coaches on Left Rhine for the BR101 and IC Coaches (Supports Subsitution System) in planning for the next update is an Extra .pak aswell to replace the ICE3 8 Car Formations on Munich – Augsburg for the BR 101 and IC Coaches (This is not Certain)

tldr.(too long didn’t read)

– 4 New Variants including 100 Jahre Bauhaus, Documenta, Ice Age and Bahn Bonus
– Locomotive Ehancements and Fixes
– Compatible with ÖBB Pack (when released)
– Variants automatically Subsitute in Timtables
– Remade Random / Subsitution System
– Over 100 new Scenario Planner Formations
– New IC Coach with Blue Stripe to Spawn Randomly with a probability of 0.2

Written By Folezz 🙂

Folezz – Set Up / View Development

Raphael – Overall Advice / Testing / Sound Building

Foobian – Overall Advice / Testing 

Chirimu – Sound Recordings

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