BR407 (ICE3 Velaro D) (WIP)

The BR 407 is one of the more modern and beastly ICEs in the DB line up, also able to reach speeds of over 300 km/h built by siemens aswell, I am happy to introduce this ICE as a part of a new timetable I am planning for Haputstrecke Rhein Ruhr more information soon 🙂


hear from happy downloaders

“This is ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT. Every detail which DTG often overlooks, and which I try to include but am limited by livery designer, you have got into these brilliant reskins. And the sounds! Armstrong Powerhouse should bow in respect..”

- Solicitr
(Train Sim Community)(BR101 Enhancement/Expansion Pack)

“Simply beautiful and the reskin too! Thank you very much..

Einfach wunderschön und die Reskin ebenfalls! Vielen Dank”

- Denisjura
(Train sim community)(BR101 Enhancement / Expansion Pack)

“Many thanks for the update on the Dresden-Chemnitz line. It’s a pleasure to ride with this material on this line! Thanks to you !”

- Vinceours
(Train SIm COmmunity)(BR110 + N-Wagen Timetable Replace)
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