BR 182 Enhancement / Expansion Pack – English


After seeing A LOT of positive feedback on the BR 101 Enhancement/Expansion Pack, the team and I have decided to put together another pack, but this time for the BR 182 which is a loco DLC for Kassel – Würzburg, so you’ll need that if you don’t already own it, before I start talking on and on again lol, you can find a too long didn’t read at the bottom, Now lets get into the pack, This pack contains 6 Variants, 4 of them being “Werbe Loks” (Advertisement Locos) for Dispolok, Wiener Lokalbahnen, EVB, boxXpress, Rail4Chem a DB Cargo Variant and also A Random Variant, as well as those I have added the ES64U2 from FlixTrain, you may realise that this Variant has a Decal Error I like to call the Floating L lol, that is know of but will probably not be fixed, due to lack of time because of my other projects, the FlixTrain unfortunately does not have it’s mathing wagons (yet maybe) but has formations with IC Coaches so you can use it in Scenario Planner or Foobians God Mode.

As well as that this pack also comes with A Lot of formations Mostly Freight and also a Few Passenger not as much as the BR 101, but still A lot, If you own the BR101 EP as well, you should be able to find IC Coaches with the Random Graffiti in a formation with all the Variants to be spawned in Scenario Planner or Foobians God Mode (Apart from FlixTrain)

The Cab of the BR 182 Has Also been Enhanced by Foobian from his Rapid Transit BR182 Ehnancements .

Enhancement List :

  • – Swapped EBuLa and MTD Displays
  • – Fixed speedometer needle (was rotated by ~3° from where it should be          before)
  • – Removed C battery circuit (emission and decal)
  • – Removed green emission of the Parking Brake Release button
As Well as that the Cab has also received Random Cab Items from The BR 101 EP

This Pack has Also Received the Siemens / Krauss Maffei Engravement from Alexander L, yet I feel like these Textures have not been implemented properly and do not work as they are intended and are therefore currently being further looked at for a future update, This Locomotive has aswell gotten an overhaul for headlights made my Redstonia!, This Loco also automatically Subs in all your Variants in timetable, please be aware if you have liveries from the livery designer or creators club, they have priority of appearing before Variants, with that being said We hope you Enjoy 🙂

tldr.(too long didn’t read)

– 6 New Variants including Random, boxXpress, Rail4Chem, EVB, Wiener Lokalbahnen, DB Cargo + Surprise Variant
– Locomotive Ehancements
– Compatible with BR 101 EP
– Variants automatically Subsitute in Timtables
– MTD and Gaugees Upgrade
– Krauss Maffeii Engravement (Still being looked at)
– New Headlight Textures
– Scenario Planner Formations
– New Cab Items, i.e. Coffe Cups and Cola Cans

Folezz – Set Up / View Development

Raphael – Overall Advice / Testing / Texture Help

Foobian – Overall Advice / Testing / Cab Enhancements

Redstonia – New Light Textures

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