Foly’s Scenery Mods

Get Ready to See your favourite routes in a TOTALLY different light, This mod Updates all of the old TSW textures on routes like München-Augsburg or Ruhr Sieg Nord for new TSW3 Textures, that hopefully makes your route look better with TOD4 Lighting and ofcourse also TOD3. All scenery Mods are based of Textures from Niddertalbahn, therefore to be able to download these you need to have that Route, as better as this will look do not expect it too look Exactly like Niddertalbahn seeing this route uses new and different Tree and Scenery Models, All common files have been replaced.

KAH (Köln - Aachen)

MAG (München -Augsburg)

HRR (Duisburg - Bochum)

RSN (Hagen - Finenntrop

RT (Leipzig -Dessau)

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